Space visionary

“Each and every one of us is capable of drawing the future nearer. Through space exploration, through the advancement of our abilities and possibilities. Through overcoming the conventional, comfortable way of thinking and pushing ourselves beyond the standard perception of reality. Through preparing our body and spirit for space travel. Through contributing to cutting edge technologies that seemed impossible ten years ago, and to the creation of the orbital city. The key goal of all the branches I am developing is bringing the cosmic future nearer. That is why I am building the international platform GALAKTIKA, which will further micro- and macrospace development.”

Each field I am involved in will make it possible to unite microspace and macrospace in terms of humans’ abilities today and tomorrow. With the help of the branches that I am developing, I am creating one joint platform. I stand by a pacifistic humanistic international approach and that’s why everyone will have a chance to make their cosmic dream come true, to contribute to the creation of the first city in space, invest in the space industry and build the future we all would want to live in.

All of the above will enable you

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