10 facts about me

Or 10 of my most typical features of character… But why 10? 10 is 1 and 0, the elements of a binary code, the mysterious codes of existence. Well then, let’s start!

1. I was born in a space family, I was always surrounded by space, my childhood years spent in the Pulkovo observatory in St. Petersburg have predestined my life. I preferred drawing my fantasies about faraway and mysterious space worlds to playing with dolls.

2. I was lucky in my childhood to listen to conversations of my parents and guests of our house. There were famous astrophysicists, space visionaries, science fiction writers, for example, Strugatsky brothers. It all produced an indelible impression on me and cemented my choice.

3. I did my best to receive a good education as a foundation for my future work. I graduated from the St Petersburg University and a number of foreign educational establishments – the Trinity College in Dublin and the Bocconi University in Milan, HEC in Paris. I understood that apart from specialized knowledge I will need administrative and business organization skills.

4. After completing my education, when I felt I had my feet firmly on the ground at last and ready to start a business of my own, at 29, I founded my private space company Galaktika, whose core mission is development of space technologies.

5. My company combines organic growth with successful acquisitions of startups. This combination now develops a range of projects, in particular creation of a superlight booster, micro- and nanosatellites, a 3D printer for working in space, and the spaceship for interplanetary flights.

6. I want to make space an everyday phenomenon and make it accessible for the mankind with the help of the technologies.

7. I have a dream to build first city in space EFIR with a good quality of life for all its inhabitants and help the mankind get a second home.

8. Apart from development of space technologies I build an international space community for joint distributed work on space projects. I also want to build a Space centre on the Earth, which would become a special place for all the enthusiasts and those wishing to join our cause.

9. I’m a contributor to Forbes, I write stories for different international magazines, speak at various international conferences. I do it to promote the idea of space exploration and development of international cooperation in the space industry. Several technological projects chose me as their mentor.

10. I love art, I have my own collection of paintings. The search for architectural solutions for the space city brought me to architectural structure training courses. I am at the very start of the road and trying to evolve all the time.