Aliya Prokofieva. My story.

Aliya Prokofieva. My story.

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I was born in the “astronomical capital of the world” of the Pulkovo Observatory (this name was given to the Observatory by the American astronomer Benjamin Gould), situated in 19 km to the south of Saint Petersburg, and managed by my mother. This fact set the course of my life. Mother told me that it is possible to move through black holes, that there is life on other planets, and that there are parallel galaxies in the universe.

I studied well at school, practiced dance and taekwondo, played piano, and went to art school. Every other ten-year-old girl could boast of that. But my interest in cosmos made me different from them. I knew for sure that the Earth is just one of our houses and you can definitely live on other planets.

The cosmos attracted me and didn’t seem dangerous. While other girls were playing with dolls, all I could dream of was how to build my city on orbit. I dreamed of other planets and how great it could be to live with my friends on them.

My aunt studied black holes and told me about the astronomical observations, the history and structure of the universe. She told me about the authors and the methods of the most accurate star atlases. She talked about scientists, engineers, astronauts… and I saw her stories continued in my dreams.

Falling asleep, I flew on my spaceship to other planets; I lived peacefully with races from other planets and saw how their life was organized. And it seemed to me that I came from the Pleiades constellation rather than from the planet Earth.

My greatest desire is to share with everyone the beauty and the appeal of the space.

I think that interest in space smolders in everyone; we only have to kindle it. For some people the right trigger could be an article about the life of astronauts in orbit, while a movie, a book, a play, an exhibition, a thematic collection of clothes will do for others. Perhaps someone will be captivated by the idea of ​​building space stations or participating in space tours, which I’m sure will soon become real.

Today I collect the space geniuses one by one: engineers, space innovations designers, writers, futurists, scientists popularizing space. Many innovators are so passionate about the technology they’re working on (for example rocket development) that they simply do not have time or do not consider the importance of presenting their discoveries to the world.

My task is to popularize space ideas, products and discoveries, to find interesting projects and make them known to the world. Today for example we are creating a cheap ultra-light launch vehicle for the orbital injection of satellites. I am actively engaged in the development of space educational games in the AR and VR formats. We also have launched an online store of space-popularizing goods –

Step by step I bring my childhood dream closer to life: I think that interplanetary flights will soon become real, and with it – the human life on other planets of the solar system. Our generation is fortunate enough to witness these discoveries.