Many people believe that aliens are five feet tall creatures with huge head and eyes

and that apparently they speak an unknown language and want to conquer us.

Yeah, right) Jokes aside, I think that if extraterrestrial life really exists, it is represented by creatures with high intelligence and superior level of consciousness.

They travel across the galaxy and they don’t waste their time on some primitive things. They don’t need cars and money, they don’t strive for likes and online fame. They have other priorities. On a universal scale)) our priorities are still on earth scale but we can easily change that.

We should just focus on our mind, body and continuous growth instead of our fears and love for material possessions.

A complex preparation of our body and soul will help us understand every edge of the Universe and different worlds) And perhaps in a few years someone will look at us and say “They’re aliens”, it’s just that consciousness will be different.