What will the transport of the future be like and will the city sky ever roar above us?

So it’s time we start working on our vestibular apparatus, guys. Especially when so many exciting projects are being developed right now:

1. In 2013 Elon Musk announced the concept of a vacuum tube train: it will be solar powered, passenger capsules will move every 30 seconds inside the overground tube at the speed up to 500-1220 km/h. The most amazing thing about this train is that it will be practically free of air resistance and friction.

2. Volocopter by eVolo company is a multicopter with 18 propellers which weighs 300kg and flies in the real sky. Daimler has already invested 25€ in this project and Frankfurt airport is planning on using Volocopter as a means of transportation between the terminals and the city’s transport infrastructure.

3. Audi has already been working on the two-seat autonomous vehicle concept which will be able to move both on the ground and in the air.

4. Bell has been developing a five-seat helicopter which is already «chartered» by several partners for the future air transportation. I think that this list is just the minimum of what we are to get and to do. The familiar means of transportation don’t satisfy the speed of the world’s development anymore. Today we need to act comprehensively instead of concentrating only on the mechanical part. We need to improve our mind and consciousness in order to find new approaches and opportunities for the development of engineering, space area and ourselves as people of the future)