Without looking into the microcosm of yourself, you cannot understand the macrocosm. So, if you want success and achievement in your life, you need to start with yourself.

We have already figured out what the signature code (SC) of a person is,now let’s calculate it. It is important to understand that this is a whole algorithm. You can’t equate kilometers with liters. In the same way, it’s impossible to equate your horoscope with genetics and then calculate the average. But it IS necessary to combine different categories — in this mix you can discover the most interesting things about a person and his development. The main thing is to combine intelligently.

I began to invent a system of complex human development in a difficult period of my life, when I was looking for an opportunity to study myself and change my life. I wanted to find a tool that would know everything about you and help you make progress. The signature code is the backbone of this system.

I spent a long time analyzing and comparing what my health depends on, what events in my life affect my internal state, how the development of projects is interconnected with, say, the location of celestial bodies at that point in time. I began to record patterns. I thought non-stop about these discoveries, and so my team and I decided to create an original algorithm for scoring the signature code. After hundreds of working hours with experts, we are finally there — SC can be calculated in the Human Cosmos app, which will be released soon. All the user needs to do is enter basic information about themselves, answer simple questions about their experience and goals, and — voila! — the application will give you your signature code.

It’s easy enough to read so you can see your gaps right away. One person will have a lack of energy, another will have difficulty with creativity, and the third will have trouble with his personal life. And this information will give you a head start and allow you to make progress towards your goals…



Achieving any goal requires a systematic approach. To learn a new language - you need to constantly practice; to become a specialist in a new area - you need to graduate from university. For this reason, there are many different systems in our society. A system allows us to move towards our desired result.

As a practitioner of spiritual practices, yoga and cosmology for many years now, I realized on my journey that there is still no single system of complex human development in the world. There are scientific schools, courses, training, psychotherapy and many different activities aimed at human transformation. But there is no unifying system which combines all of those areas together.

Thus, I set out to develop a comprehensive system of human development – The Human Cosmos system.

Working with experts from different fields (from neurophysicists to numerologists), we have identified 9 life spheres that need to be systematically trained:

Physical (our body)

Consciousness (the work of our minds)

Energy (internal and external)

Prosperity (money)

Influence (your place in the collective)

Creativity (creation of the new)

Love & Relationships (harmony in relationships)

Soul (microcosm)

Pure Consciousness (transition to a new stage of evolution - macrocosm)

By working with your source code — your original birth code which is made up of your energy structure, genetics, astrological influence of the planets at your time of birth, past lives, your bodygraph, neurophysiology and consciousness — these diagnostics are used to create a customized self-development plan with all 9 spheres in mind.

Are you ready to start training yourself to reach your true potential?