CNN Tech

"In Russia, space has long been the preserve of the national space agency, Roscosmos. But snapping at its heals are private businesses vying to transform and commercialize space travel..."


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CNN Money

"Building a small hotel on the moon is only one of many projects that Aliya Prokofyeva, CEO of Moscow-based, Galaktika Group, has planned for her company. In today's Tech Talk, Prokofyeva sat down with Ana Maria Montero in Lausanne to discuss her vision for an international space community..."


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"Galaktika Group of Companies appeared in Russia in 2016. Its space goals contain of a broad spectrum of initiatives, including the development of ultralight rockets..." 


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"Aliya Prokofyeva whants to create an Orbital City,  going to carry tourists to the Moon at the price of bags "Birkin" and wants to do it without the help of men from Roscosmos..."


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Bazaar Business

"International space platform Galaktika was founded by Alija in 2016. It includes the space center, the international community, the Foundation and the educational platform..."


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Business Punk

"Prokofyeva trägt ein dezentes Shirt mit dem Em­blem ihrer eigenen Firma – einem zweifach umzirkelten purpurnen Planeten – unter einem schlichten schwarzen Blazer..:"


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U Today

"How We All Go Into Space: Aliya Prokofieva Has Mission Under Control..."


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"Aliya Prokofyeva wants to build cities in space. I ask her when we can all go. She's the CEO of Galaktika and she's in the space race to win it..."


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Broadcast on ОТР Channel

Broadcast on ОТР Channel. Truth. Solo. Aliya Prokofyeva: “In the next 20 years a massive breakthrough in the Earth’s lower orbit is going to happen. Many commercial stations like ISS will appear.


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