How many self-development apps do you have on your phone? You might have at least 5. A fitness tracker, meditation or sleep app, health calendar, horoscope app and some other motivational assistant. Now you only need just one app: Human Cosmos.

Several years ago, I decided to develop a program for complex and holistic human development. I wanted to create a unified system that takes into account the health, circumstances, talents, and goals of a person — to help everyone develop themselves and achieve success and happiness. And you know what? I did it.

For several years now, my team and I have been developing the Human Cosmos app. The project is based on the idea of a unique system of holistic components for human development, aimed at strengthening health, vitality, energy balance and the mind.

The application is based on a digital assistant — Cosmos Guru AI. By taking into account your specific physical, psychological and astrological characteristics, and your financial and time resources, this artificial intelligence will build an optimal development plan, designed just for you. This app will train your skills, help you discover hidden talents and see new opportunities. Human Cosmos will turn self-development into your favorite habit. It will help you find your purpose in life.

This is a game-changer in self-development: the app will not only help to regulate your sleep or teach you to do yoga but also build a comprehensive plan for you to achieve your dearest dreams. Human Cosmos is your guide to a mindful life.

We will launch the app this month. This is exciting and has been a very demanding project — we worked so hard on it. I invite you to be the first to test this unique system and share your results. I’m sure they will be amazing.

I will announce the launch over the next few days — stay tuned!