The International Community GALAKTIKA is ready to start the construction of the Space Center.

On the 25 May, 2019, Alia Grig (Prokoyeva), visionary thinker and Head of the global Future Foundation GALAKTIKA, and Hani Rashid, the Head of the American Architectural Bureau Asymptote Architecture, announced the Cooperation Initiative on the implementation of the Space Center.

For today the Parties have worked out and approved the architectural idea of the Space Center. In the nearest future the projecting work are well underway. The object construction start is planned in 2020. Currently there is selection of the site for the construction. The architectural bureau Asymptote Architecture will carry out the whole volume of projecting operations.

Space Center erection is a unique project on a world scale, dedicated to space, mankind and future. Unprecedented project focused on interstellar inhabitation and a look at our cosmos as a place for human development, exploration and dwelling in the near and far future. Given humankind’s innate and insatiable fascination with infinite worlds beyond ours, something that’s been tied to our global cultural histories from the very beginning of collective consciousness, and especially tied to recent accelerations both technological and humanistic, hage yielded potentials for not only space exploration but more importantly positing questions in regard to dwelling here in earth in the near and distant future.

The uniqueness of the concept is Cosmos in the broad sense of the word - and interactive exhibitions and entertainment, representing future cosmic worlds, and the microcosm of a human - without the development of which evolution and development of Cosmos is impossible. General and interactive programs will be available for visitors of the Center, aimed at developing the consciousness and body of the person, as well as related to the opportunities that open up space to humanity.

The Space Center will serve three distinct purposes; Primarily as facilities for inspiration and entertainment related to all aspects of space inhabitation and future scenarios for space colonization. Secondly architecturally significant projects that will be in and of themselves new types of earth bound retreats focusing on new and exciting advancements in future concepts and the growing sciences of well being and human evolution. And thirdly these will be important locals of higher learning for special forums for advanced dialogues for the dissemination of new concepts ideas and findings with global reach and implications.

"Space technologies have little in common with today's conception. Given the fact we believe that the coming changes and involvement in them will enable mankind to step into the future resolutely and deliberately. The global future Foundation GALAKTIKA A unites people around the idea that space is the future of mankind. Each of us is capable of drawing it through the advancement of our abilities, through overcoming the conventional, comfortable way of thinking and preparing body and conscious for space. The Space Center will be an outstanding place which will inspire for creation." - Alia Grig (Prokofyeva), the Project author, says.

Asymptote, a cutting-edge architecture practice founded by architects Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture in New York City. The partnership is recognized globally for highly innovative and visionary buildings, masterplans, and interior architecture, as well as speculative research and design projects related to the future of architecture and cities. Asymptote has developed major masterplans, including Changsha Eco-Tech Resort City China, as well as a masterplan for the center of Monterrey, Mexico, a new CBD for the Prague Czech Republic, and a new cultural masterplan for the coastal capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.