What makes the future and life in space comfortable?

Rules and space policy which regulate the sectoral projects. But the question is whether it is possible to consider everyone’s interests? For example, Steve Wolfe, deputy executive director of ISDC forum on space settlement, thinks that in order to implement the idea of space settlement we should:

Create national space declaration

Remove the existing law barriers

Create state institutions in charge of space settlement

Issue an official permission for working in space

Create more favourable investments and establish privileged tax regime

There’s a lot of sense and practical value in what Steven says. But for me space will always be a place for a person to grow, not for big companies. In GALAKTIKA while constructing an orbital city and the Space Hub we develop the space policy in accordance with the idea that

interplanetary flights are created not for space settlement only but for expansion of our geographical views and opportunities.

We can start from nothing. But then why was this experience on Earth given to us?